Beauty Shop Scare!

A hidden camera prank scares the living hell out of unsuspecting customers at a beauty shop. What happens when the mirror is replaced with a 2 way mirror and a possessed girl is placed behind it? When customers check themselves out in the mirror, the scary girl’s image appears on top of their reflection. This video features some of the best reactions.


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FASTER was released on DVD and Blu-ray on Tuesday. Have you purchased your copy yet?


FASTER was released on DVD and Blu-ray on Tuesday. Have you purchased your copy yet?

The van Lunmei Kwai elegant full dress lining

Purple dress wearing a scarf with a metal chain bag every small magnesium

Purple dress wearing a scarf with a metal chain bag every small magnesium, full of artistic atmosphere. Coupled with the side such as thinking expression, typical literary young woman.

The fan dress lining small magnesium elegant full literary fan dress lining small elegant full magnesium,karen millen

The fan dress lining small magnesium elegant full, if there is no pink suit jacket will be more perfect.

White coat with black trousers, white shirt with black trousers

White coat with black trousers, simple color, appear small magnesium cool with thick elegant literary sense, although not heavy but intellectual full.

Pale pink with green art youth is suitable for light pink with green art youth is very suitable for

This is the city of love in the small magnesium in shape, that each piece of clothing is expensive oh, pale pink with green should show girls youth but because skirt the texture and the color of life of the block down, the young woman is more suitable for this body shape.Christian Louboutin Shoes

When the little fresh sweet Qiao waist dress

Introduction: the midsummer sun and brilliant, how can you be less then a dress? Small fresh and sweet feel, light soft skirt and thin attractive through the skin, light, gently, engrossing fascinating emitted,Karen Millen Outlet even you will be as gentle and sweet himself while drunk. So summer small fresh dress is that you have to have, again for your summer beauty!

Style: sweet fruit Chiffon Skirt

Fresh fruit pie stamp, unique and refreshing sweet, no small Saika fed more girls uniquely fresh, fresh apple printing, sweet like instant upper body, romantic Chiffon gently folded,Karen Millen Coats swaying elegant grace strong dissemination.

Sweet style: the goose yellow floral dress minaBETTYS

Simple fashion style, printing is a classic and unique, like flowers blooming in the sun caper, subtle flavor of sunshine,karen millen promotional code let a person shine at the moment, on the back of the streamer strip with a romantic sweet taste, fresh and natural.http://www.cheapchristianlouboutinshoesonline.com/

The honeymoon period is over, “Green Committee” H Lung Ying-tai, “the most dazzling vase

Taiwan News Online, June 1 - According to Taiwan media reports, the Minister of Culture Lung Ying-tai often Tuosai to provide advice, yesterday became the “legislators” to question the focus. A number of DPP legislators, “questioned the Lung Ying-tai Tuosai to provide advice to does not seem to respect the” Legislative Yuan “,” Tuosai shoot photographs like the posture,Karen Millen Outlet  here is the “Legislative Yuan”, rather than cultural Salon “.

Lung Ying-tai after the respondents to the “Legislative Yuan” to provide advice, “Tuosai is not the most important thing. She flashed at the foot of white sneakers, said he began To show respect for the “Legislative Yuan” to wear suits and high heels; but she later found to provide advice to often have to stand more than five hours, this two-day wearing shoes, to maintain focus. “Some people will feel to wear sneakers to the” Legislative Yuan “impolite, but I is for the solemn face of the” Legislative Yuan “!”Karen Millen Coats

"Legislative Yuan" Yesterday, the Joint Review of the performing arts center set up Bill "and" bill ", said yesterday Lung Ying-tai" cheeky "DPP" legislators "Duanyi Kang came to power, see Lung Ying-tai, prepared like the day before yesterday. when asked the same Tuosai, said, "I am not in the poems, you do not have to Tuosai site raised a laugh, Lung Ying-tai, also smiling handle down.

But the atmosphere of the meeting immediately become popular DPP “legislators” Panmeng An refers to both hands Xiangsai shoot photographs like posture, Lung Ying-tai is not only ministers to the “Legislative Yuan” to provide advice in respect of respect for the “Legislative Yuan . “

DPP legislators “tube Biling question the outset assumed posture to hand Tuosai asked Lung Ying-tai What does this mean? Lung Ying-tai A “When I see a particularly humorous things.” Tube Biling questions in the “Legislative Yuan” Tuosai What does it mean? She said, “I see some of the” legislator “in particular humor. Tube the Biling immediately questioned, the officials actually “legislators” as a joke? Lung Ying-tai said she is not a “legislator” as a joke, just feel a sense of humor.

Lung Ying-tai, this time with both hands will slightly overlap, placed to provide advice to the edge of tube the Biling also questioned this posture mean? Lung Ying-tai said that attentive.karen millen promotional code Tube Biling the Lung Ying-tai of the concentrate “is a kind of dishonor, pretending to be chic, despise each other”.

Yesterday Duanyi Kang the Lung Ying-tai Horse authorities of the most dazzling vase. Compared to provide advice to leave the day before yesterday, Lung Ying-tai yesterday just cool to say “Thank you for your advice.”

Duan Yikang the past two days with “cheeky” and other words to criticize her, Lung Ying-tai after yesterday respondents reiterated that “behavior in the” Legislative Yuan “this occasion, words and deeds are the very careful, because this is to make pupils all children to see. “

KMT legislators “Liaozheng well joked It has been predicted Lung Ying-tai is the first one not suited to the officials to step down, I did not expect to be Christina Liu forestalled.http://www.cheapchristianlouboutinshoesonline.com/

You can’t control your luck, but the harder you work, the luckier you get.
Mike Bloomberg (via betashop)